A dream now accessible.

Buy your dream home
with no down payment.

0Credit is the best alternative to a classic bank loan. Discover how and why.

We turn your rents into home ownership
so you can truly call home: your home.


In a few words, 0credit lets you purchase a house through monthly payments
with no initial down payment and without going through lengthy and intrusive credit application.

Those monthly payments are similar to paying rent except they let you progressively acquire the home you live in. It is like you own a little more of your house every month. You'll continue to make installments until they represent a sufficient portion of the requested down payment to fully purchase your home, which generally takes between 3 to 5 years.

During this period, you will have the option to fully buy the home. You are free to leave anytime if you change your mind and don’t want to buy the house or in the contrary already start refurbishing the place if you think it will increase its value.

Why would you pay a rent
If you know about 0credit?


Qualify for 0Credit
By answering a few questions and sending some documents. It doesn't commit you in any way and takes less than 5 minutes.
Find your dream home
Already qualified and found your price range? We can make an offer on in less than a day. What are you waiting for?
We buy your home
You don’t have to lift a finger and the only cost related to your home purchase is our set -up fee of 5000€.
You pay some "rents"
Monthly payments which progressively ramp you up into the ownership of the house you live in.
You fully buy when ready
Between 3 and 5 years, take your option to fully buy the home. Don't want it? You are free to leave anytime.
< 5 min - Non binding


80% of tenants don't have the
down payment to buy a home

A good job and or a good salary but no savings. Tell me how can you buy a house?

Today it's more difficult than ever before
20% down payment
It will take 15 years putting aside 400€ every month to get the necessary down payment to buy an average house.
Loan accreditation
Lengthy and intrusive. No consideration from institutions and recurrent disappointment for unjustified denials.
Inflexible institutions
Paying a high rent (without being late) is no proof of solvency for banks even if you have been renting for 10 years.
Real estate prices
With constantly rising the prices, an average house can reach up to 40X the average salary in some European cities.

0credit was born out this frustration to finally offer a fast, simple and affordable alternative to a real estate bank loan.

< 5 min - Non binding